Humble beginnings

So... blog... what to write?

Well my plan is to share my thoughts on photography but also other stuff I think needs attention. 
I am thinking of doing some tutorials on how I do things as that has been requested a few times over on my Facebook page and also eventually I'll offer up the possibility to buy prints.

So let me start by formally introducing myself, my name is Christoffer Eriksson and I live in the county Skåne(Scania in english) in Sweden. It's the southernmost part of Sweden and I absolutely love it here and think it's the best area of Sweden. Other areas have their charm of course but this is home so... I guess I am biased.

RV stands for RaiderViking - a nickname I chose for myself in the early dialup days of the internet when I went online to play games and chat and other things we thought was cool way back when and it's has stuck with me albeit in an abbreviated form these days.

I started my photography journey in primary school as I dabbled in the photography groups back then. I used my dads old camera and lenses and shot film as digital was still some years ahead... but photography was very costly back then and the girls so attractive and interesting that I gave it up... but the interest remained. 

Along came university studies(I am a Bachelor of Science, mechanical engineering/quality engineering) and I got access to PCs and eventually got my own... and after awhile I got this program called Photoshop and started to play around with it... at first I drew and painted with it mainly but later I came to learn more and more and started doing some photo manipulations. I got into making custom covers for DVDs and eventually Blurays and the thought was always there to maybe take some photos of my own to incorporate into the covers I made...

And then... one fine day in late 2012 I bought a camera that was on offer(a Canon 550D with 2 kit lenses) and here we are 6 years later. 

Please feel free to add a comment if you have a request on a topic you'd be interested in for a future blogpost... can be a suggestion for a tutorial, gear suggestions or basically anything at all :)

So... those were the humble beginnings... 


One of the first

Images I ever took since getting a digital camera is this one. It's taken at night of the medieval tower Kärnan in Helsingborg.